Write a letter to your future self as a way to process how you’re feeling now, and focus on a brighter future – post quarantine, post COVID.

Writing is one of the most helpful things you can do during a time of stress. The slower pace of putting pen to paper allows you to order your thoughts and find some clarity. So what better time to write than during a global pandemic? Yeah, exactly. 

It's something to do and something to look forward to – the plan is to reunite you with your letters at a big exhibition party when we're all allowed to mingle again.

Until then, you can take inspiration from all the amazing letters we’ve received so far, join one of our online writing sessions, and follow us on Instagram for updates.

Stay safe, write letters

Letter 32

Sender: Gemma
Date: June 2020
Location: Exeter

“We really do need more kindness in our world.”